Term 3. Ugh.

14th July 2016
The Staff Room

Ugh – I can hear you groaning.  The thought of going back to school can give you a physical pain.

My advice is to be gentle with yourself.  Especially in the first few weeks.  Try to get home early, try to carve out a little more space for YOU.  Don’t let the beast grab you by the throat (until at least week 3).

And if you feel a little edgy about relaxing your way into the term, if you’re one of those people who feels like you should be doing something, well here’s something relaxing you can be doing.  If you didn’t catch the ABC’s four part series called Revolution School, you really must watch it.  It made me think about lots of things and I’ve got a heap of questions resulting from my viewing.

  1. If academics (Hattie, Snowball, Rogers) mentoring teachers could have such a great effect on a school why don’t we do more of this?
  2. When did Kambrya teachers do the work related to Teacher Standards and if standards are so important, why wasn’t this featured more in the series?
  3. Were there any renegade staff who weren’t on board with the changes implemented and opposed the trajectory the College was travelling along?
  4. What would this series look like if it was in a Primary School setting?
  5. What things did the school ‘ditch’ in order to adopt new programs such as the Positive Psychology Wellbeing Program?

I think that even just watching, thinking about and reflecting on programs like this adds something to ourselves as teachers.  We do so much of our work in isolation – despite the fact that we’re meant to be shifting to team teaching and collective learning experiences and all that good stuff.  I know I still feel very much alone in my work as a teacher.  Being able to look at others teaching and then potentially discuss it with others is a rich and productive experience for me.

I can also say the same for my beloved series Offspring.  I recommend this for the sheer ridiculous hilarity, great fashion and convoluted plot lines.  If you need your mind to be taken OFF teaching – then that’s the show for you.

Happy Term 3, soldiers.  See you on the front line.

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